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The premier paintballing sites in Kent

There are three amazing venues for paintball in Kent and you'l be hard pushed to choose the best one for you. All set in the stunning Kent woodland these venues promise a great day of paintball. Canterbury, Rochester and Sidcup are easily accessible from any location in Kent and all have great paintball fields to test your bravery on the day. The latest in paintball technology is also available at these sites with goggles that wont steam up and markers that wont break on you at a key moment in the game!

Kent's best paintballing venues

For more details on each of the specific venues please click the links below.

  • Paintballing Kent: Canterbury Venue
    Upper Harbledown, Canterbury, Kent, CT2 9AX. Just off the A2 exit road.
  • Paintballing Kent: Rochester Venue
    Nurstead Road, Park Hill, Kent, DA3 7AN.
  • Paintballing Kent: Sidcup Venue
    Ruxley Wood, Sandy Lane, Kent, DA14 5AH.

Game Zone Info

For more details on each of the specific venues please click the links below.

  • Canterbury's best Game Zone
    Canterbury has one of the largest playing fields for paintball in Kent, tactics will definitely play a part as you split your team to dominate the landscape. The field is scattered with oil drums that offer great protection from the barrage of paintballs. Push up fast from the off to gain as much ground as possible before firing your paintball marker upon the enemy!.
  • Rochester's best Game Zone
    The speedball field is renound for some of the most fast paced paintball in Kent. This small field is littered with baricades to make your push up the field that much easier. Aggressive paintball is key if you want to win this game, if you sit back they will come for you. Offense is the best defence, rain paintballs on the opposition!.
  • Sidcup's best Game Zone
    Paintball in an urban environment is sure to test your paintballing ability to the max. Sidcup offers one of the best village fields in Kent, with huts and buildings to offer some protection from the paintballs. You can sit back and snipe the enemy from the safety of your stronghold or storm forwards and clear the enemy out with your paintball marker.