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Basingstoke's Premier Venue

Halebourne Lane, Chobham, Woking, Surrey, GU24 8SL.

The Basingstoke paintball venue, situated in dense Hampshire woodland, is just off the M3,  just 20 minutes from Basingstoke town centre and has some of the best facilities in the South. Players travel from all over Hampshire to take advantage of this great paintball site as it boasts some fantastic game zones which provide the perfect setting for any paintball event.

We have some incredible game maps at the Basingstoke paintball park including;  Plane Crash, Chemical Recovery, The Fort and the imposing Tower.  With the latest paintball guns and equipment you'll be well armed and ready to take to the battlefield.

A fantastic site for stag/hen parties, birthdays or work outings the paintball Basingstoke venue will provide you the ultimate paintballing experience.  The Basingstoke park is a must for all players whether you’re a first timer or a seasoned pro and will leave you having had a great day full of fun and many laughs.

Full Day|£12.99Per Person

  • Park Admission
  • Equipment
  • Gun Hire
  • Gas Refills
  • Marshals
  • Up to 10 Exciting Games
  • 100 FREE Paintballs per person
  • Lunch
  • Start Time 09:00
  • Finish Time 16:00


  • 100 Paintballs £8.00
  • Smoke Grenades £4.00

Half Day|£8.99Per Person

  • Park Admission
  • Equipment
  • Gun Hire
  • Gas Refills
  • Marshals
  • Up to 6 Exciting Games
  • Buy paintballs as you go
  • Morning Session 09:00 -13:30
  • Afternoon Session 11:45 -16:00


  • 100 Paintballs £8.00
  • Smoke Grenades £4.00
  • Car Parking available

  • Toilets

  • Coffee and Tea

  • Nearest train station:
    4 miles away

  • 24 hour money back guarantee

  • UKPSF Members

At a Glance:

  • 100 paintballs £8.00
  • Smoke grenades £4.00
  • Start time 09:00
  • Finish time 16:00
  • Minimum age
Address: Halebourne Lane, Chobham, Woking, Surrey, GU24 8SL.
Sat Nav Coordinates: N 51° 21' 3" W 0° 37' 52"

Game Zones

Plane Crash

Your team has shot down an enemy plane, which has crashed deep in the Paintball Basingstoke woodlands. You can see the smoke rising from the crash site, and head straight for it. Speed is of the utmost importance, can you reach the plane and recover any vital intel which may provide key to bringing down your enemies. However, make sure you have your wits about you, as who knows what could be waiting for you at the crash site. The pilots are not going to go down without a fight, and you can be sure that they have called for reinforcements.

Chemical Recovery

One of your spies has reported the location of a secret enemy factory. The Paintball Basingstoke rebels have been very quiet recently and you suspect that they have been planning something. Your spy reports seeing lots of hazardous material signs all around the area. Could it possibly be that the enemy is making chemical weapons? You must investigate straight away, your mission is to infiltrate the factory and recover some of the materials for testing. But be careful as if the enemy finds out you are there, they will not be pleased to see you.

The Fort

Paintball Basingstoke hides a secret deep in the woodland, a large imposing fort. It is said that anyone who approaches the fort, is never seen again. Nobody knows what happens inside the fort, some have reported hearing strange sounds coming from it and weird lights appearing in the sky. You have decided that enough is enough, someone needs to find out what is going on. You round up the bravest villagers in all the surrounding areas, and decide to come up with a plan to break into the fort. Will you use cunning to sneak into the fort? Or will you decide to arrive with a bang?

The Tower

You have been the King of the Paintball Basingstoke woodland for a long time now. Ruling over your people and bringing happiness and prosperity. However, evil lurks to the south of your kingdom. You hear whispers of a dark lord who is raising an army. The safest place in all the lands is The Tower, it has never been breached. Standing tall and mighty, anyone who decides to attack it would surely be a fool. Can you fight off the advancing enemy, and defend the tower?