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Leicester's Premier Venue

Swinford Road, Lutterworth, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE17 4HP.

The Leicester paintball park is located minutes from the M1 Motorway and is easily accessible from Leicester city centre and all other parts of Leicestershire. This venue is situated in dense woodland and gives you a real sense of combat with its great natural terrain and brilliant game zone features.

The Leicester paintball park also has a superb base camp where you can rest between games and plan your next attack with team-mates for the upcoming games. All paintball players, at the Leicester site, are given the latest in semi-automatic paintball markers, giving you firepower to pin the opposition down, and all the necessary equipment to ensure your day is action packed.

During your visit to the Leicester venue you will be sent on various exciting missions and tasks on some testing game arenas such as: Area 51, The Damned and The Maze. These scenarios are designed to put each player through their paces and test your paintball skills as well as team-work, communication and bravery! This venue is great for all groups from stag/hen parties, friends or work outings. Its ideally located for players coming from Leicester and will certainly provide paintball players, of all standards, with a fantastic experience.

Full Day|£14.99Per Person

  • Park Admission
  • Equipment
  • Gun Hire
  • Gas Refills
  • Marshals
  • Up to 10 Exciting Games
  • 100 FREE Paintballs per person
  • Arrival Time 10:00
  • Finish Time 16:00


  • 100 Paintballs £7.00
  • 500 Paintballs £30.00
  • Smoke Grenades £3.00

Half Day|£9.99Per Person

  • Park Admission
  • Equipment
  • Gun Hire
  • Gas Refills
  • Marshals
  • Up to 6 Exciting Games
  • Buy paintballs as you go
  • Morning Session 09:30 -13:00
  • Afternoon Session 12:30 -16:00


  • 100 Paintballs £7.00
  • 500 Paintballs £30.00
  • Smoke Grenades £3.00
  • Car Parking available

  • Toilets

  • Nearest train station:
    5 miles away

  • 24 hour money back guarantee

  • UKPSF Members

At a Glance:

  • 100 paintballs £7.00
  • Smoke grenades £3.00
  • Arrival Time 10:00
  • Finish time 16:00
  • Minimum age
Address: Swinford Road, Lutterworth, Leicester, Leicestershire, LE17 4HP.
Sat Nav Coordinates: N 52° 26' 19" W 1° 11' 9"

Game Zones

Area 51

This high security area, in Leicester, is home to things of the unexplained. Shrouded in Leicester mystery, this government run site hides many secrets that cannot be exposed. A new paintball bomb that scientists have been working on has accidentally gone off leaving carnage and devastation everywhere. Your crack paintball team has been assigned to enter the paintball bomb crater and retrieve what evidence you can so the investigation can begin into what happened. However, the explosion has lead to mutated beings lurking in the Leicester paintball crater. Can your paintball team overcome the unknown creatures to get what is needed for the investigation to take place? This is a fantastic paintball game zone in Leicester full of surprising elements.

Pykes Yard

Pykes Yard can be found in the Leicester paintball woodland. The inhabitants have moved on but some paintball rogues have stayed on to cause chaos with local villagers. Local Leicester authorities have called you and your team of paintball renegades in to run the rogues out of town and return tranquillity to the area. The Leicester paintball site is littered with oil drums, car wrecks and even a caravan which are all used by the paintball rogues as hiding places. Your paintball renegades will need to flush them out and take control of the site in order to restore control.

The Maze

Set in the dense Leicester woodland, The Leicester paintball Maze will provide you with a mind boggling paintball scenario in which you will be unable to see your opponents to take them out of the game. You must watch your back as you stalk your opposition because they can suddenly disappear and before you know it you will become the hunted. This clever paintball game zone provides you with an ideal place to hone your paintball skills both as an individual and a team player. Your heart rate will go through the roof on this paintball game zone as you have to be fast, yet deadly precise as you move the maze closing in on your enemy. The paintball Maze is certain to test you and your team and give you the opportunity to be the paintball hero of the day.

The Damned

The Damned is a paintball game zone that is great for all players visiting the Leicester paintball centre. Plenty of structures from churches, huts and a mini tower block all complete with sniper windows and ample places for paintball players to tuck themselves in. All the structures have masses of doors and windows in which the enemy could pop up at any time. The objective on this game zone at Leicester is simple: be alert to a paintball ambush and take every opportunity to pick off the enemy. Communication is key on this paintball field if you are to win as you will need to rely on your comrades to watch your back and vice versa if you are going to advance through the game zone.