Group Paintball Events

Experience the ultimate paintball day out

Corporate & Office

Paintball days are still a huge hit with the corporate sector. This is mainly because it draws on teamwork playing such an important part of the day.

Other skills that will need to be used are communication and planning, both of which are key within the work place. Paintball will be a great chance to reward your staff and an opportunity to see who the real team players are and which ones hold their nerve whilst under pressure from the opposition.

Birthdays & Days Out

Having a Birthday celebration, or perhaps just want a fun day paintballing with friends and family then look no further.

UKPaintball cater for all group styles, whatever the occasion.

Hugely popular with birthday bookings, paintball is now an essential part of the celebrations and a great way to get your pals together to start the day off with as many laughs as paintballs are fired.

Why UKPaintball?

UKPaintball specialise in group bookings and as the UK’s leading paintball supplier offer amazing rates for our premier paintball 

UKPaintball have the experience and expertise to give you the most fantastic day paintballing at the most exciting paintball parks in the country. Using only the UK’s premier paintball venues, with the latest equipment and the best in adrenalin pumping game zones we will make sure that your paintball day is something to be remembered.

Premier Service

Our customer service is second to none and we will ensure that you are armed with all the necessary information and details regarding your event and the venue you are attending.

All the venues are members with the sport's governing body, and have to adhere to strict guidelines. These paintball parks really are the best in the UK and each one is designed to give you a superb day of heart-pounding fun. Book today and if you change your mind within 24 hours of booking we offer you a 100% money back guarantee.