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Paintball Andover, Longstock Road, Andover, Hampshire, SP11 7LF.

Andover Indoor paintball centre is an exciting venue opening in April 2010. Located close to Andover town centre, Winchester and easily accessible from all the South. Hosted in huge converted industrial units, it offers the perfect setting for urban paintball and a great alternative for those players looking for something different. The Andover Indoor venue is presented in a breath-taking style with real features such as street scenes and trains. The site offers changing rooms, toilets and other fantastic facilities. The game zones ensure action packed paintball and lighting fast play that is sure to get your adrenalin pumping for the duration of your stay. At the Andover Indoor paintball centre you will be treated to the best indoor paintball in the UK. The Andover Indoor paintball park has purpose built battle zones with amazing features which ensure that your paintball experience will be unforgetable. The Andover Indoor park really is the UK's premier indoor paintball park and provides the perfect setting for stag/hen parties, birthdays and work outings.

Full Day

£12.99 per person
  • Full day entry
  • Gun hire
  • Camo outfit
  • Lunch*
  • Gas refills
  • Ammo pack
  • Marshals to host the day
Plus book online today for any date in 2016 and get:
100 FREE PAINTBALLS per player

Half Day

£8.99 per person
  • Half day entry
  • AM or PM sessions
  • Gun hire
  • Camo outfit
  • Gas refills
  • Ammo pack
  • Marshals to host the day
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- Hampshire
Get at taste of the Bronx at the Andover paintball centre. With real U.S cars, scenery and even New York style grafitti this game zone is will leave you impressed with the detail. But once the whistle goes don't spend too much time staring in awe as the sound of incoming paintball fire will definately keep you busy. You will have to use your street wise knowledge to navigate your way through the street and avoiding the opposition as they try to muscle you off your own 'turf'.
- Hampshire
This is a real taste of tournament paintball. The Andover paintball venue uses unique inflatable barricades, the kind you’d find at the pro paintball tournaments, to give you an idea of what professional paintball is all about. Scary full on action and lightning fast play will get your pulse racing and adrenaline pumping. This paintball game zone is real test for any paintball player and will be a great warm-up to your paintball session at the Andover paintball venue. You will need to be an organised and tactically aware paintball team on this game zone as straight from the off you can be pinned down and therefore unable to mount a paintball attack. You must be brave and advance up the field as far as possible if you want to take control of the game, the team that does this is certain to win!
- Hampshire
This paintball game zone at the Andover Indoor venue is Jail Break, which is great for recreation paintball. This is a themed battle using a classic attack and defend scenario, in which great Andover paintball action is assured. Giving players plenty of little places to hide and snipe at the enemy this game zone features a square jail. Can you and your team-mates make to the jail in time to rescue your banged up comrade. This Andover paintball centre is really aimed at putting a fun aspect on the game, but remember you will still need to keep your wits about you as points are available for attacking and defending the jail.
Underground - Hampshire
Incorporating an actual train carriage this is a real tester for any paintball player. With hostages on board on the train the paintball criminals seem intent to withstand any advances, so this is where your special unit comes into it's own. Your task will be to storm the carriage and aprehend the opposition whilst saving those being held. Team work and heavy paintball fire seem to be the only tactics as you stun the villans into sub-mission!!

Latest Reviews

"The sections were different from each other which made them more challenging and fun. They have told all their mates about it and would like to go back for another experience. They rate this 5 out of 5. As a parent it must have been good to have amused 16 year old boys!"
Cathy Backshall (Charlton)
"My son and his mates said they had an awesome day. They didn't shut up about it all night! He said it's fun, exciting and a bit painfull!! Loads of fun, great staff, very kind and friendly. I would recommend it! Also they had a great meal."
Tracy Bates (East Anton)
"I booked a Paintball Day out for my twin's birthday. They invited twelve of their mates along and had a fabulous time. They came home full of stories and laughter and did not stop talking about their experiences in the different zones. It certainly was a motivating experience for all - they are already talking about a return visit. Mostly possitive feedback, great tasks, very helpful friendly staff, dog tired after a busy long day!! Negative comments: a bit too long inbetween games, maybe more staff would have speeded process up but smokers were happy to take a break! Lighting could have been better in some zones. All in all a great day though and all happy with experience, even with the lumps and bumps and battle scars!"
Wendy Holt (Salisbury)
"I booked the paintballing for my daughter and her 5 friends for her 15th birthday. She had the most fantastic time and so did all of her mates. None of the group had ever been paintballing before and they all came away wanting to go again. When I picked them up they were all full of it."
Debbie Smith (Andover)
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Venue Information


  • Start time: 09:00am
  • Finish time: 16:30pm
Lunch is not included at this venue


  • 100 Paintballs: £7.00


  • Car Parking
  • Toilets
  • Battle Packs
  • Tea / Coffee
  • Miles to Station3