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Paintball Cambridge, Old North Road, Royston, Cambridgeshire, SG8 5JS.

This paintball park is located just outside of Cambridge and is situated in stunning woodland providing an ideal setting for full on paintball combat. Easily accessible from all parts of Cambridgeshire and East Anglia the Cambridge venue boasts some very challenging game zones and scenarios which will need precise planning and team-work. Some of the game arenas at the Cambridge paintball park include: The Trenches, The Towers and the Jungle.  Game zone at the Cambridge paintball venue will excite whilst challenge players of all abilities leaving you with an appetite for more.

The Cambridge venue uses semi-automatic paintball markers giving all players a great chance to blast the opposition and pin them down as you and your team work towards being victorious. The Cambridge site is perfect for all types of groups whether it be stag/hen parties, birthdays or work outings looking for a real fun day of paintball action to remember.

£12.99 per person
  • Full day entry
  • Gun hire
  • Cammo outfit
  • Lunch*
  • Gas refills
  • Ammo pack
Plus book online today for any date in 2014 and get:
100 FREE PAINTBALLS per player
  • 100 Paintballs: £7.50
  • Smoke Grenades: 3.00
Book now to avoid disappointment and if you change your mind within 24 hours we offer 100% money back guarantee
- Cambridgeshire
WW1 style warfare right in Cambridge! Your paintball team starts off one side of a huge network of trenches the enemy on the other. You must make your way through the complex of gullies in an attempt to take control of the centrally placed paintball bomb but that’s only half the mission. You have to continue on round blind corners and through sandbag bunkers to the opposition’s base to plan the explosives. Where the enemy is lying is difficult to know, the trench field promises fast and furious paintballing at close quarters!
- Cambridgeshire
Cambridge offers an amazing village field to play the best paintball scenario, Attack and Defend! One team has to defend the village along with the all-important church. The other team has to force there way through the town armed only with their paintball markers and smoke grenades. The objective for this paintball game is to gain access to the church tower and sound the bell to win the game. Paintballing in an urban environment makes this one of the favourite fields at Cambridge.
- Cambridgeshire
Its time to get the camo paint out and play some stealth paintball! Deep in the Cambridge woodland trees and undergrowth are your only protection. It’s a simple capture the flag game, with one hanging in either base. It will be easier if you make yourself invisible, especially when the paintballs start flying!
- Cambridgeshire
Your paintball team has been given a ammo dump to defend, the enemy is running low and must take the objective. Not only that but you have your army’s General is holed up inside the dump. The entire opposition paintball team will be gunning for you general to win the game. Paintball to this scenario is great fun, if your at Cambridge for a birthday or stag do make sure you nominate your friend for the general role!

Latest Reviews

"Seven 15 year olds went to the Cambridge paintball site near Royston for a full day session. They had a great time and have not stopped talking about it. They did several events but seemed to enjoy the Mexican stand off at the end the most. It was hard getting them away even though they were all exhausted. Great fun and highly recommended. "
Mark Allen (Cambridge)
"5 out of 5! First time I had ever been and would like to go again. Such a lot of fun and completely spot on with safety so felt we were in good hands. Would recommend to all. "
Sandra Wilkins (Cambridge)
"All my Friends and I had an EPIC time paint baling with you. We enjoyed all of the games, the Staff were funny and the guns were great! We all agree that the experience was the best we have ever had so...6/5 sounds good...if that isn't possible then 5/5 will have to do! "
G Wath (Cambridge)
"My daughter and her friends were the first time to play the paintball game. It was fun and they all had a great time there. "
Jie Luo (Cambridge)
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Venue Information


  • Start time: 08:45am
  • Finish time: 16:00pm
Lunch is not included at this venue


  • 100 Paintballs: £7.50
Smoke Grenades: £3.00


  • Car Parking
  • Toilets
  • Battle Packs
  • Tea / Coffee
  • Miles to Station1