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Paintball Finmere, West Wood, Barton Hartshorn, Buckinghamshire, MK18 4JT.

Try your luck on the K19 Widowmaker Submarine game zone, a 60ft replica of the submarine used in the film itself, or how about the original bomb shelters from WWII. You won't get a more authentic experience than here at the Finmere Paintball Park.

Paintball at Finmere is a great opportunity to get together for team building exercises with colleagues at work as well as birthday parties and Stag parties too. Or why not just come down with your mates for a day out of action packed fun.

Within easy reach of the M4 and M1 you will find the Finmere Venue to be easily accessible for all around the Buckinghamshire area. This will be a day out to be talked about for years to come whether it be at the office or down the pub with your mates. So if you are looking for a venue within the Buckinghamshire area look no further than Paintball At Finmere.

Full Day

£12.99 per person
  • Full day entry
  • Gun hire
  • Camo outfit
  • Gas refills
  • Ammo pack
  • Marshals to host the day
Plus book online today for any date in 2015 and get:
100 FREE PAINTBALLS per player

Half Day

£7.99 per person
  • Half day entry
  • AM or PM sessions
  • Gun hire
  • Camo outfit
  • Gas refills
  • Ammo pack
  • Marshals to host the day
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- Buckinghamshire
10 tank barricades, great fun. This is barricade central and will allow you to creep up the paintball field with ease as you head for cover before each strategically placed move. This Paintball Game zone at Finmere is great for testing out your communication skills as teamwork is again a key part to ensure you look out for one another. You never know where your next flying paintball could be coming from. So ensure you are listening out for you team to become a victorious paintball player.
- Buckinghamshire
2-take it in turns to attack and defend two original bunkers from WW11-hit the target. There’s nothing like a bit of authenticity and with the Finmere Paintball Blast Bunker you will find it hard to not feel like you are a solider out on the paintball fields fighting for victory. Avoid the oncoming fire of paintball pellets as you aim for the target but be careful to defend your bunker with all your might! Just think yourself lucky its only paintball pellets you’ll be hit with!
- Buckinghamshire
A new addition for 2008. This 60 ft replica of a K19 widowmaker Russian Submarine was used in the film the Widowmaker starring Harrison Ford. The Sub is used as the paintball game scenario offering pure adrenalin. There’s not may opportunities allowing you to take on a sub on land and with Paintball at Finmere you will not be disappointed as you take on this challenging yet exciting paintballing game zone.
- Buckinghamshire
This game is proving very popular with paintball players from all walks of life. The Mission, simple- Capture and defend the large purpose built Finmere paintballing castle. The setting alone is inspirational enough with the Buckinghamshire countryside setting the scene perfectly for paintball combat. Plan out your next move as you get ever closer to the Finmere Castle using whatever coverage you can find taking out any paintball players you can find along the way to take the glory.

Latest Reviews

"We had 14 15 and 16 year olds paintballing at Finmere as a leaving do for one who is emigrating to New Zealand. There was great excitement and fun all round and they had a great day out. Having pooled their money to get the best deal on paint, they had plenty of ammunition. They came home tired and happy having had a good day out. "
J Cottee (Finmere)
"We went on the 22nd June, party of 8 at Finmere Our day was excellent, we all had lots of fun and felt it was a great experience. The staff at Finmere were very helpful and made the day great. Our rating is 5/5. Great day. Thanks "
Shona Dunbar (Whitney)
"The day that my group had at paintballing was amazing. The site was fantastic, the instructors were very friendly and very kind if any problems were to happen. I would rate our paintball experience 5/5 for the day as it was a great day.  "
Dan Bull (Finmere)
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Venue Information


  • Start time: 09:00am
  • Finish time: 16:00pm
Lunch is not included at this venue


  • 100 Paintballs: £8.00
Smoke Grenades: £3.00


  • Car Parking
  • Toilets
  • Battle Packs
  • Tea / Coffee
  • Miles to Station5
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