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Paintball Redditch, Old Park Road, Redditch, Alcester, Worcestershire, B49 5LR.

The Redditch/Birmingham paintball venue is perfectly located for groups looking to play around the Birmingham or Worcester area. Situated close to Alcester it is 20 minutes from south Birmingham and within easy reach of Worcester town centre. The Redditch paintball park is set within a dense woodland and has a fantastic mix of natural terrain and cover coupled with brilliant purpose built structures to give players some of best scenarios in the Birmingham region. Game zones at the Redditch paintball centre include: The Bridge, The Maze and The Black Forest which give you a real adrenalin rush and test your nerves under the pressure of enemy attack. Players at the Redditch venue are issued with semi-automatic paintball markers which give you the option to lay down heavy fire on the opposition and allow your team-mates to push for an attack.

At the Redditch venue you will experience many different games and missions all giving you a real taste of combat and the fun that comes with paintball. The Redditch paintball park boast fantastic facilities and can cater for any occasion whether it be stag/hen parties, birthdays or work outings.

£12.99 per person
  • Full day entry
  • Gun hire
  • Cammo outfit
  • Lunch*
  • Gas refills
  • Ammo pack
Plus book online today for any date in 2014 and get:
100 FREE PAINTBALLS per player
  • 100 Paintballs: £8.00
  • Smoke Grenades: 3.00
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- Birmingham
Just outside of Birmingham there has been a massive outbreak in paintball jail and all the prisoners in have taken control. Your team’s objective is to take back the jail and restore calm to Redditch once more. Some other criminals are also out with a brief case full of Swag, secure the case to win the game.
- Birmingham
A large bridge is the only way across the ravine on this field. Both paintball teams will battle for control of the bridge as they move down the field towards their oppositions base camp. Paintballing with a central objective ensures some heated gun battles.
- Birmingham
Paintballing on boats? Its as fun as its sounds! Each team has a flag and each team has a boat as their base camp. The objective for the game is to hang your standard from the oppositions flag pole, unfortunately your fairly likely to bump into the other team on route, just remember the objective when the paintballs start flying! One of the best games your find in Birmingham
- Birmingham
This is a great twist on the standard attack ad defend scenario. One team has to defend the Birmingham Church armed only with their paintball markers while the other team attacks. There are only gravestones for cover in the lead up to the church and the attackers must use all their skill and paintballing tactics to achieve the goal.
- Birmingham
There is a heavy canopy above you, excluding all but the most minimal light. The objective is to make your way through the undergrowth and plant a paintball bomb at the enemies base. But wait, did you see that bush move?
- Birmingham
You can see the enemy and they can see you but there is a maze of netting stopping your line of fire. Paintballing in a maze can be quite scary, make sure you don’t get stuck in a dead end! All of these fields just a stone throw from the centre of Birmingham.

Latest Reviews

"My Stepson and his friends had a great time on Saturday and can’t wait to come back. They said it was well organised and the games were really good. "
E Jones (Redditch)
"Arrived on site in the frost and ice to be greeted by cheerful and pleasant people. The day was great and the staff were amazing they were always helpful answering any questions and very knowledgeable. Throughout the day the temperature was freezing but the cheerful staff kept us going. The games were great fun, all members of the group enjoyed them to the max. The day was a great activity and we thoroughly enjoyed it"
David Hatt (Bromyard)
"Thanks to everyone at ukpaintball for a great day out! The marshals were very professional without being pushy, the base staff were very friendly and helpful, and the missions were spot-on. The most striking thing about the day was the sense of team spirit, and the fact that all sorts of people of different abilities can play along side each other; we all had a great day together. There were other groups of people playing along side our group, and everyone got on brilliantly.Paint balling at ukpaintball is a great experience as the site makes for an excellent combat arena. The equipment supplied was fantastic and well maintained, as were the facilities. All in all, it was a fantastic day! We all agreed that we would be back again soon, as ukpaintball wipes the floor with other local Paintball sites. I very strongly recommend ukpaintball to others."
Ilja Voronov (Essex)
"Excellent day had by all. Everyone wants to do it again. Staff very very friendly & helpful."
Clare Murray (Winyates West)
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Venue Information


  • Start time: 09:00am
  • Finish time: 16:00pm
Lunch is included at this venue


  • 100 Paintballs: £8.00
Smoke Grenades: £3.00


  • Car Parking
  • Toilets
  • Battle Packs
  • Tea / Coffee
  • Miles to Station5