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Thetford's Premier Venue

Paintball Thetford, Thetford Forest Plot 2010, Roundham Heath, Thetford, Norfolk, N/A. Entrance on A11.

Our Thetford Paintball site is centrally located in the heart of East Anglia. Based in Thetford Forest, it is within easy reach of Norwich and Suffolk.

The surrounding dense woodland is used for military training, making it the perfect venue for players looking for a taste of the highest quality paintball action.

Teams are armed with semi-automatic paintball markers that allow you to unload your ammo straight into the oncoming enemy.

Thetford’s exhilarating game zones are designed for you to battle with individual cunning and great teamwork. Use your stealth to sneak up on your opponents in the Lodge zone and take out a huge tank to win the game in the Tank-tastic scenario.

Our Paintball Thetford site is popular with players from all over Norfolk, making it ideal for stag or hen parties visiting Norwich.

Paintballing Thetford caters for:

■ Stag and hen parties     ■ Corporate events     ■ Team building events

■ Birthday parties             ■ Small groups            ■ Large groups


Full Day

£12.99 per person
  • Full day entry
  • Gun hire
  • Camo outfit
  • Lunch*
  • Gas refills
  • Ammo pack
  • Marshals to host the day
Plus book online today for any date in 2015 and get:
100 FREE PAINTBALLS per player

Half Day

£7.99 per person
  • Half day entry
  • AM or PM sessions
  • Gun hire
  • Camo outfit
  • Gas refills
  • Ammo pack
  • Marshals to host the day
Buy paintballs as you go
- Norfolk
This scenario is designed to promote teamwork so it’s perfect for novice and experienced paintball players. Your mission is to get fuel from the paintballing Thetford fuel cache for your squad’s tank. The enemy is positioned and defending the cache with all of their firepower. Drive your team forward to defeat your opponents and power your tank to victory. Be aware that your enemy could be lying in wait so keep your team on their toes at all times.
- Norfolk
Our Thetford Paintball site is surrounded by thick woodland, perfect for an ambush on the enemy. The paintballing Thetford enemy is hidden in a log cabin deep in the undergrowth. Hunt them out and clear their base to protect your troops. Prepare your team as the position is easily defendable with windows facing out and low walls, perfect for the enemy to rain paintballs down onto you.
- Norfolk
Your mission in this Paintball Thetford scenario is to defeat a life-sized enemy tank that stands in the way of your victory. Speed will help your team to win this intense battle and claim vital ground. Send your quickest players to flank the enemy while protecting your inexperienced team-mates from incoming fire. Leave no man standing as your opponents could strike back at any moment. For players who love the thrill of an up-close battle, this game zone is unrivalled in Paintball Thetford.
- Norfolk
Paintball Thetford brings you a new twist on a classic paintball battle with our Holy grail scenario. Both sides will get the chance to attack and defend a huge fortress that overlooks the paintball field. Your enemy are the Saracens and you’ll need to use battle tactics of English knights to defeat them on the ground. Work as a team to drive forward in waves, forcing your opponents to retreat to the fortress. This paintball zone is brilliant for team building days out or for larger parties wanting a longer style of gameplay.

Latest Reviews

"Had a brilliant day at combat paintball in Thetford yesterday. The marshals were brilliant. The game zones were awesome. Would highly recommend them, and I will most definitely be going back. "
Graham Williams
"Just a quick message to say how pleased I was my daughter found your website!  Excellent day had by 13 teenagers!! Smooth procedure from start to finish and staff at Combat paintball Thetford are top notch!!  "
Nikki Walker
"I had never been paintballing before, so whilst I had watched enough videos to roughly know what to expect, I wasn’t sure how the day would be structured, how much it would cost (in terms of paint used), or how tiring/painful it would be. I found that the marshals were very good at putting novices at ease, and the safety briefing was comprehensive without being condescending, although there was quite a lot of standing around not knowing what was happening before that.  The free coffee helped!  Once we were given all the equipment and were out in the playing area, it suddenly became a brilliant day, with varied games and scenarios, and I definitely want to come back and do it all again. I wanted to do it all again before I’ve even left the venue. "
Tristan Cliffe
"Thanks for an awesome day at Paintball on Saturday 30.08.14! We all had a really great time and it was really well organised – 5 out of 5 for us! We will definitely be back! "
Patrick Doherty (March)
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Venue Information


  • Start time: 09:45am
  • Finish time: 16:00pm
Lunch is included at this venue


  • 100 Paintballs: £7.00
Smoke Grenades: £3.00


  • Car Parking
  • Toilets
  • Battle Packs
  • Tea / Coffee
  • Miles to Station5