UK Paintball | Clown Hunt Paintball Experience

World's first Clown Hunt experience

Clown Hunt Paintball Experience

With the latest Clown phenomenon sweeping the world there has been growing unrest and demand for vengence against these hapless creatures.

UKPaintball have been secretly piloting our clown hunting games across 3 of our most popular venues and are set to open to the public before 31st October - Halloween.

You and your elite team of clown hunters must track down and eliminate all killer clowns within 50 acres of dusky forest. Stick together as a group or dare to split up as you hunt deep into the haunted forest. The clock will be ticking down against you and daylight is running out so you will have to work effectively to eliminate all clowns and evacuate the forest before its too late.

In a bid to rid the streets and local towns of these unwanted guests we are also offering free sessions to Clowns that are willing to be hunted. So instead of lurking in some unsuspecting town or village in full clown fatigue, it's time to man up and get to UKPaintball.

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