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How To Shoot A Paintball Marker Fast

If you have been in a paintball fight with either an expensive Dye NT or a cheap rental marker, you would have wanted to shoot it as quickly as possible. This tutorial is all about how to shoot paintball markers fast.

How To Apply Essential Paintball Tactics

How To Apply Essential Paintball Tactics: Paintball can sometimes be completely overwhelming when you're on the field. With these helpful hints, you can pick up some basic paintball tactics that will help lead you to victory when you play.

How To Aim A Paintball Marker

Tommy Pemberton, from UK Paintball, teaches how to aim a paintball marker. Paintball markers must be aimed by trial and error, adjusting the position of the marker based on the accuracy of successive shots.

How To Paintball Attack

How To Paintball Attack: In this video, a paintball expert explains the art of the paintball marker fight. It's all about snapshooting. Using covers to your advantage and minimizing the risk to get shot yourselves. The video contains a lot of tips and also shows you a successful marker fight demonstration.

Why UKPaintball?

Former world cup winning professional paintball player Tommy Pemberton speaks about the importance of booking with a reputable company such as UKPaintball. With over 50 premier venues across the UK we have something for all. You will be kitted out with state of the art equipment, experience amazing game zones at all of our 50 eco-friendly parks.

How To Paintball Like Rambo

Paintball is an amazing game, according to John Rambo- err, well actually this is presented by John Rambo's brother because the real Rambo wasn't available. Brush up on your paintball skills, and your paintball tactics with this guide to how to paintball like Rambo