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Paintball is one of the most popular extreme sports worldwide. The sport is played in over 100 different countries,over 6 different continents. Paintballs have evolved over the years too, they are now completely bio-degradable, so they don't harm the local wildlife. If you are looking for something to do in the Basildon area, UKPaintball have a couple of action packed paintball arenas nearby which will be sure to provide you with an amazing day. 

One of our most popular games is the Trenches scenario. This game zones transports you right to the frontline of a war-zone, the map has trenches stretching all the way across, so you can sneak through them undetected, looking out for enemy players. This game is sure to get the adrenaline flowing, as you work your way through the trenches, eliminating the opposition. But be careful, you don't know what could be around the next corner.

Paintball Basildon

Paintballing Near Basildon


1. Paintball Billericay / Southend

3.4 Miles from Basildon
Paintball Billericay | Paintball Essex

Our Paintball Billericay site takes groups of up to 200 people, perfect for corporate days out or huge celebrations. This large venue is easily accessible from the M25 and for paintball in Essex. Surrounded by lush countryside,... Read More

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2. Paintball Rochester

13.2 Miles from Basildon
Paintball Rochester | Paintball Kent

Our Rochester paintball park is the perfect place to taste full paintball combat, whether you are a seasoned pro or first timer. With purpose built game maps incorporated into the woodland, paintball Rochester offers some of... Read More

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3. Paintball Chelmsford

21.6 Miles from Basildon
Paintball Chelmsford | Paintball Essex

The Chelmsford venue is located minutes off the A12, making it ideal to reach from all over Essex, especially Chelmsford and Braintree. The venue is situated in a thick woodland, which makes it an ideal location for your... Read More

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4. Paintball North London

26.9 Miles from Basildon
Paintball North London | Paintball Hertfordshire

The North London paintball centre is superbly located just inside Hertfordshire. With great accessibility from Enfield, St Albans, Hertford and as it is just off the A10 the North London venue attracts players from Central London... Read More

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