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The premier paintballing sites in Cornwall

Cornwall has three amazing venues that cater for its paintball needs. The prestigious Plymouth venue can cater for up too 140 paintballers in one day and is often at full capacity due to its popularity in the local area. Plymouth is by far the easiest site for the majority of Cornwall residents; it also offers great facilities on site to ensure your paintball day will be a memorable one. A little further a field we have the Torquay and Exeter venues, these paintball sites may be more convenient for some people that live in Cornwall. All the sites have exciting game zones with state of the art paintball equipment that wont fail on you when you need it most.

Cornwall's best paintballing venues

For more details on each of the specific venues please click the links below.

  • Paintballing Cornwall: Exeter Venue
    Perridge, Longdown, Exeter, Devon, EX6 7BH.
  • Paintballing Cornwall: Plymouth Venue
    Greycoat Lane, Newton Abbott, Devon, Devon, TQ12 6PX.
  • Paintballing Cornwall: Torquay Venue
    Forces Cross, Greycoat Lane, Newton Abbot, Devon, TQ12 6PX.

Game Zone Info

For more details on each of the specific venues please click the links below.

  • Exeter's best Game Zone
    Its time to get the camo paint out as your set to play paintball in the deep dark woodland just outside of Devon. Trees and schrub will be the only defence from the onslaught of paintballs. Make sure you bring your stealth game out as this field will test your paintball sniper skills.
  • Plymouth's best Game Zone
    Both teams have a new weapon in their arsenal at the most explosive field in Cornwall. Both teams have a paintball bomb that they must deposit in the enemies HQ. You must push forward towards the objective but remember to secure your own base before attempting to take the enemies. When the paintballs start flying remember the bomb, it could be your turn to become a hero!
  • Torquay's best Game Zone
    This site has some truly unique paintball zones, it may be worth the trip from cornwal to experience the convoy ambush and chemical dump fields. The prior with real life vehicles to play in and around, paintball was never more realistic.