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The premier paintballing sites in Devon

Devon has three exciting paintball venues to choose from all offering great facilities and tactical game areas. Paintball in Devon has the Exeter, Torquay and Plymouth sites, each one with great transport links allowing easy access whatever your location. Paintball in the Devon woodland is an amazing experience and these sites spend time each year constructing exciting fields that will test your bravery and paintball skill to the max.

Devon's best paintballing venues

For more details on each of the specific venues please click the links below.

  • Paintballing Devon: Exeter Venue
    Perridge, Longdown, Exeter, Devon, EX6 7BH.
  • Paintballing Devon: Plymouth Venue
    Greycoat Lane, Newton Abbott, Devon, Devon, TQ12 6PX.
  • Paintballing Devon: Torquay Venue
    Forces Cross, Greycoat Lane, Newton Abbot, Devon, TQ12 6PX.

Game Zone Info

For more details on each of the specific venues please click the links below.

  • Exeter's best Game Zone
    The Zulu warrior have upgraded their spears for paintball markers and have landed in Devon. They are not happy about your presence on their land and have laid siege to your fortress. You need to rain paintballs down upon them and keep them at a distance. If they get too close they are sure to eliminate your paintball team. Only the hardest paintballer will remain, is it going to be you?
  • Plymouth's best Game Zone
    Deep in the heart of the Devon Woodlands lies a network of trenches to test your paintball skill. There are bunkers and sandbagged foxholes to hide in but there is only so much hiding you can do when the paintballs start flying.
  • Torquay's best Game Zone
    This site also offers some of the best games in Devon with zones including the convoy ambush and chemical dump. With vehicles scattered across the field it will test you paintballing skill as you use landrovers and cars for cover. When the game on is sounded rush forward to take some ground then fire you paintball marker upon the enemy.