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The premier paintballing sites in Durham

Durham has two great venues on offer for its residents both easy to find and offering a great paintball experience. Paintball in Durham's premier venue is Stockton on Tee's. This site has recently had a lot of refurbishment work completed offering the best facilities for paintball in Durham. The gamezones have also been improved to guarantee the fastest most exciting paintball games for miles around. Also servicing the Durham area is our Newcastle venue, which maybe more accessible for some residents. Newcastle is also easily accessible and promises a full day of adrenaline filled paintball fun.

Durham's best paintballing venues

For more details on each of the specific venues please click the links below.

  • Paintballing Durham: Durham Venue
    Mount Pleasant Farm, Rowley, Durham, DH8 9HL.
  • Paintballing Durham: Middlesbrough Venue
    Cowper House Farm, West Lane, Darlington, DL2 2PS.
  • Paintballing Durham: Newcastle Venue
    The Great North Road, Seaton Burn, Newcastle, NE13 6BP.
  • Paintballing Durham: Stockton On Tees Venue
    Cowper House Farm, West Lane, Darlington, DL2 2PS.