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Banbury is a market town situated just off the M40, filled to the brim with local culture. Whether you are exploring the Museum which has some fantastic exhibits on The Arts, Local History and plenty of events on as well. Or perhaps you prefer a visit to Broughton Castle which dates back to the medieval era. There is plenty of attractions to visit and spend your time at. If you fancy exploring your artistic side by firing paintballs at all of your friends, then UKPaintball is the place to be. 

At UKPaintball we usually run games of around 15 players per team. This gives you plenty of people to shoot at, but be careful as it also means plenty of players to shoot at you! Keep your eyes peeled for any sign of movement as if you can spot your enemy before they spot you, you already have the upper hand. 

Paintball Banbury

Paintballing Near Banbury


1. Paintball Finmere

13.0 Miles from Banbury
Paintball Finmere | Paintball Buckinghamshire

Try your luck on the K19 Widowmaker Submarine game zone, a 60ft replica of the submarine used in the film itself, or how about the original bomb shelters from WWII. You won't get a more authentic experience than here at the... Read More

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2. Paintball Redditch

24.8 Miles from Banbury
Paintball Redditch | Paintball Worcestershire

The Redditch/Birmingham paintball venue is perfectly located for groups looking to play around the Birmingham or Worcester area. Situated close to Alcester it is 20 minutes from south Birmingham and within easy reach of Worcester... Read More

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3. Paintball Leicester / Coventry

27.3 Miles from Banbury
Paintball Leicester | Paintball Leicestershire

The Leicester paintball park is located minutes from the M1 Motorway and is easily accessible from Leicester city centre and all other parts of Leicestershire. This venue is situated in dense woodland and gives you a real sense of... Read More

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4. Paintball Northampton

32.2 Miles from Banbury
Paintball Northampton | Paintball Northamptonshire

This premier venue is located deep in the heart of the Midlands and is one of our most established paintballing sites. Located close to Northampton town centre, Paintball Northampton offers a top paintballing experience for... Read More

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