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Staying Safe While You Play Even if you’ve never played paintball, you’ve probably heard plenty about it. Paintball rules are simple: you have a paintball gun, your ammo — paintballs, and maybe even “grenades” — and your only aim is work with your team to shoot down your rivals! However, you might have also heard... read more
Are you in London and wondering what to do? It can feel like once you’ve exhausted the clubs, bars, cinemas and cultural hotspots that there’s little else to do, but have you ever tried paintball? Find out why you should give paintball a try this weekend. For a Group of Mates: The Perfect Bonding Experience Whether... read more
When it comes to raising our children, there’s probably something we all wish, as parents, we could encourage children to do more of, such as to get more exercise or tear themselves away from the allure of the console or mobile phone for just a couple of hours. If you’re looking for an activity that will excite your... read more
How to Play Paintball Like a Pro: 4 Essential Tips Although paintball is a thoroughly enjoyable activity for everyone who takes part, it’s always more fun if you’re on the winning team. Knowing how to play paintball at a high level will make it a more engaging and immersive experience, so here are a few pro tips to... read more
For many people, a stag do is an excuse to spend the weekend in the pub or go on a booze-fuelled trip wearing matching t-shirts. If you’re looking for stag do ideas that offer more in the way of excitement and memorable moments, paintball should be at the top of your list. Stag dos are an age-old tradition that... read more