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Paintball in Coalville is a great action packed day out in Leicestershire, where you are your friends or family can cover each other in paintballs all day long. We use Semi-Automatic paintball markers, so one pull of the trigger fires one paintball, so you are in full control of how many paintballs you choose to fire at the enemy. With our Full Day session you get between 8 and 12 paintball games, and with our Half Days you get around 4-6 games, each game will be different to give you a good variety. 

If you are located around Coalville and want to paintball, you cannot go wrong with UKPaintball. We have around 70 sites across the country so we know how to give you a great time paintballing, and make sure that everyone enjoys their time at our paintball parks. Get in touch today to start planning your event. 

Paintball Coalville

Paintballing Near Coalville


1. Paintball Derby / North Leicester

3.7 Miles from Coalville
Paintball Derby | Paintball Derbyshire

  Our Paintball Derby venue is set amongst a secluded woodland and features some fantastic, custom built battlefields. This awesome paintball park has some great quality natural features guaranteed to give you an exhilarating... Read More

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2. Paintball Birmingham

19.8 Miles from Coalville
Paintball Birmingham | Paintball Warwickshire

Our Paintball Birmingham venue has over 10 amazing game zones that are themed around famous movie sets. The site is just minutes away from Birmingham city centre, making it easily accessible for paintball from Walsall, Lichfield... Read More

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3. Paintball Coventry / Leicester

20.6 Miles from Coalville
Paintball Coventry | Paintball West Midlands

With the paintball games played within an ex military training ground in 50 acres of woodland you will be sure to have an exciting and fun packed paintball day out. Situated close to the M6 on the outskirts of Coventry... Read More

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