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Galston lies to the East side of Kilmarnock, straddling the River Irvine. The sites caters for customer coming from all over Ayrshire, including plenty from Kilmarnock. The site uses a starch based paint, meaning you can play in your own clothes, and the paint washes straight out. Which adds to the fun, as you can decide on your outfit as to what will make you camouflaged the most. Try not to wear bright neon colours or you may stand out rather clearly to your opponents. 

Checkpoint Charlie is a favourite of our game zones, where your team find themselves in an ambush and have to protect a VIP. Can you extract the VIP and make it to safety before the attackers can eliminate them? A good team based game, where working together has it's rewards. 

Paintball Galston

Paintballing Near Galston


1. Paintball Kilmarnock

0.4 Miles from Galston
Paintball Kilmarnock | Paintball Ayrshire

Our awesome Kilmarnock paintball venue, located in Galston, is the place to play if you want a superb day full of action and combat. This Kilmarnock paintballing park has a real variety for all players with a massive 30 acres of... Read More

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2. Paintball Glasgow West

19.8 Miles from Galston
Paintball Glasgow West | Paintball Renfrewshire

Just a 20 minute drive outside the city centre lies one of the most action packed arenas in the whole of Scotland. Equip yourself with a semi-automatic paintball marker, load up your hoppers with plenty of paintballs, put on your... Read More

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3. Paintball Glasgow East / Edinburgh Shotts

28.5 Miles from Galston
Paintball Glasgow East | Paintball Lanarkshire

This Glasgow paintball venue based just 25 minutes from the City centre is Scotland’s premier paintball park servicing both Glasgow and Edinburgh City. With a capacity of up to 300 players this venue is probably our largest park... Read More

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4. Paintball Edinburgh Queensferry / Edinburgh

46.1 Miles from Galston
Paintball Edinburgh Queensferry | Paintball Midlothian

Paintball Edinburgh Queensferry is one of the UK's most established paintball parks.  Having recently undergone a complete park renovation this incredible centre boasts some of the latest and most exciting game... Read More

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