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For players located in Huddersfield, there is a range of great paintball sites around that area. Paintball Huddersfield is a great activity to get you off the coach and straight into the action. With sites at Brighouse and Wakefield, there is two easily accessible paintball venues which have some action packed game zones you won't forget. 

Across the Yorkshire region, Huddersfield paintball sites are run by our very friendly marshals who ensure you have a great time, while making sure you are playing safely. We provide all the equipment for your session, whether you are on the half day or the full day. So you don't need to have your own specialist equipment. A great day out to be had by all! 

Paintball Huddersfield

Paintballing Near Huddersfield


1. Paintball Bradford

4.3 Miles from Huddersfield
Paintball Bradford | Paintball West Yorkshire

Come and join us at this superb Bradford paintball venue and experience the fun and thrill of woodland combat. Our paintball Bradford park provides the perfect setting for all players that want to have a... Read More

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2. Paintball Wakefield

10.2 Miles from Huddersfield
Paintball Wakefield | Paintball South Yorkshire

Nestled in deep woodland, our Paintball Wakefield Park is perfect for all players who want to experience some serious paintballing fun and adventure. The venue is located just off the M1 near junction 38 and is within easy... Read More

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3. Paintball Manchester Indoor

16.7 Miles from Huddersfield
Paintball Manchester Indoor | Paintball Lancashire

One of the UK's only Indoor Paintball Venues! If you have never tried indoor paintball, you cannot miss out. While Paintball is usually an outdoor sport, with most venue choosing a woodland setting. The Manchester Paintball venue... Read More

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4. Paintball Sheffield

16.8 Miles from Huddersfield
Paintball Sheffield | Paintball South Yorkshire

Our Sheffield Paintball centre is one of the flagship paintballing centres in the country.   With amazing facilities, immense game zones and a stunning pine forest to shoot your friends in, this is the venue of choice... Read More

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5. Paintball Leeds

23.2 Miles from Huddersfield
Paintball Leeds | Paintball South Yorkshire

Our Leeds Paintball park has a 5-star reputation as one of the leading paintball sites in the UK. The site is located 5 minutes from junction 45 of the M1, making it easily accessible for paintball from Leeds, York and south... Read More

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6. Paintball Warrington / Manchester / Bolton

24.0 Miles from Huddersfield
Paintball Warrington | Paintball Cheshire

This is simply one of our most popular paintball parks. With easy access from nearby Manchester and just minutes from the M60, players travel across the county to play at Paintball Warrington/Manchester.  Let... Read More

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