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Nuneaton is in the middle of 3 great paintball sites. You can visit either: Lutterworth, Markfield or Sutton Coldfield and have a fantastic day worth of paintball. UKPaintball are the UK's leading paintball company, and we can make your event memorable. The paintball sites all have different game zones, so have a look at each venue to choose which games you would like to play. They also will have different times and paintball prices, so this is another thing to take into account when choosing which paintball site would be best for you. 

If you haven't played paintball before then the sport is team based. Our marshals will show you how all the equipment works at the start of the day. There are also a few important rules for the day, so pay attention to these. And the paintball marshals will stay with you throughout your day. Get in touch and paintball near Nuneaton today. 

Paintball Nuneaton

Paintballing Near Nuneaton


1. Paintball Leicester / Coventry

12.6 Miles from Nuneaton
Paintball Leicester | Paintball Leicestershire

The Leicester paintball park is located minutes from the M1 Motorway and is easily accessible from Leicester city centre and all other parts of Leicestershire. This venue is situated in dense woodland and gives you a real sense of... Read More

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2. Paintball North Leicester / Derby

14.0 Miles from Nuneaton
Paintball North Leicester | Paintball Leicestershire

Located just 22 seconds from junction 22 of the M1, our Paintball North Leicester venue features some top class action packed game zones.  This venue is set in the the dense woodland, giving you lots of natural obstacles for... Read More

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3. Paintball Birmingham

14.7 Miles from Nuneaton
Paintball Birmingham | Paintball Warwickshire

Our Paintball Birmingham venue has over 10 amazing game zones that are themed around famous movie sets. The site is just minutes away from Birmingham city centre, making it easily accessible for paintball from Walsall, Lichfield... Read More

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