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The premier paintballing sites in South Yorkshire

For paintballing in Doncaster we offer 3 amazing sites, our Sheffield venue is centrally located for easy access to all Doncaster residents and our Leeds and Warrington sites are located just on the doorstep. The Sheffield venue has recently under gone some refurbishment and is now the premier site in the Doncaster area. Both the Leeds and Warrington venue's offer great facilities for a paintball day out and keep their customers coming back. All of the sites also offer some of the most exciting paintball scenarios in the area. There is a variety of paintball fields at each of the sites making sure there is a game that everyone will enjoy. Paintballing in Doncaster has never been so exciting.

South Yorkshire's best paintballing venues

For more details on each of the specific venues please click the links below.

  • Paintballing South Yorkshire: Bolton Venue
    Ringley Woods, Ringley Road West, Bolton, M26 1DY.
  • Paintballing South Yorkshire: Leeds Venue
    Blackfen Woods, Bramham park east estate, South Approach, South Yorkshire, LS24 9NR.
  • Paintballing South Yorkshire: Sheffield Venue
    Kitchener Plantation, Ollerton, S80 3BP.

Game Zone Info

For more details on each of the specific venues please click the links below.

  • Bolton's best Game Zone
    Only tyres separate you and the paintball opposition in this exciting game of paintball in Doncaster. You must use all your paintballing knowledge to outwit the enemy in this maze of rubber. Take cover or come up blasting!.
  • Leeds's best Game Zone
    You paintball team is holed up inside a church just outside of Doncaster. The enemy are attacking and its your job to hold the position under a hail of paintball pellets. Then enemy need to take the building and sound the bell to win the game. Reinforcements arrive in 10 minutes, armed with your paintball gun you must hold out till then!
  • Sheffield's best Game Zone
    A large log cabin set in the centre of some Doncaster Woodland dominates this paintball field. The teams start of equal distance from the Cabin and race to the crucial position. Whoever secures the cabin will be able to fire paintballs down upon the enemy in this exciting paintball scenario.