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The premier paintballing sites in Dorset

UK Paintball offers two great venues for Paintballing in Dorset the first is located just outside Bournemouth. This a great site with easy transport routes via car and public transport making it a great location for anyone wishing to play paintball in Dorset. The second venue located just down the road in Southampton maybe more convenient for some customers living in Dorset. Both sites offer great game zones and scenarios and guarantee a great days paintballing. Follow the links below for more information on both sites!

Dorset's best paintballing venues

For more details on each of the specific venues please click the links below.

  • Paintballing Dorset: Bournemouth Venue
    Christchurch Road, Hurn, Dorset, BH23 6AE.
  • Paintballing Dorset: Southampton Venue
    Raglington Farm, Botley Road, Southampton, Hampshire, SO32 2HL.

Game Zone Info

For more details on each of the specific venues please click the links below.

  • Bournemouth's best Game Zone
    Our venue in Bournemouth offers the best paintball in Dorset and is highlighted by its fun game zone The Chicken Run. The central pathway on this field offer's easy access from one end of the field but often the easiest route is not the safest in this great paintball game. There is heavy Dorset woodland surrounding the channel which often has an Ambush waiting. Will you go gung ho and storm through the centre or play sneaky in the woodland?
  • Southampton's best Game Zone
    For many people living in Dorset the Paintball in Southampton maybe far more convenient, they also offer some great paintball fields including their signature Bridge Zone. There is a central bridge that the teams must storm and hold for the remainder of the game. Armed only with your paintball marker you can cross the bridge and take it too the enemy on their own turf. Paintballing at this site is a great location for Dorset!