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The premier paintballing sites in North Wales

Paintball in North Wales has 3 great venues on offer. The first is located in the beautiful woodland of Bangor right in the centre of North Wales. This well established paintball venue has catered for thousands of happy customers utilising the gorgeous North Wales countryside as the back drop for some extreme paintball battles. Our two other venues maybe more convenient for our customers in North Wales located in Warrington and stoke. All these venues guarantee a great days paintballing and with exciting scenario's and game play.

North Wales's best paintballing venues

For more details on each of the specific venues please click the links below.

  • Paintballing North Wales: Bangor Venue
    Coed Rhydww, Bangor, Gwynedd, LL55 3AW (NEAREST POSTCODE).
  • Paintballing North Wales: Stoke Venue
    Hollington Road, Tean, Stoke, Staffordshire, ST10 4HY.
  • Paintballing North Wales: Warrington Venue
    Ringley Woods, Ringley Road West, Racliffe, Bolton, M26 1DY.

Game Zone Info

For more details on each of the specific venues please click the links below.

  • Bangor's best Game Zone
    This is the best venue for paintballing in north wales and has one of the most exciting scenarios the "Sniper Field" Its time to get the camo paint out as you head into the dense woodland armed only with your paintball marker. Attack through the North Wales forest and eliminate the opposition in a storm of paintballs.
  • Stoke's best Game Zone
    Also catering for North Wales is the Stoke Venue. The desperation field will take you back to the wild wild west as you and your paintball gun attempt to storm the bank and take the gold from right under the sheriff's nose!
  • Warrington's best Game Zone
    Just outside of North Wales lies the Warrington venue one of the premier paintball venues in the North. The dodge city lies at the centre of the site, a large urban environment to test out your paintball skills. A Jail, church and bank await you as you storm towards the enemy.