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The premier paintballing sites in Lancashire

UK Paintball has a great venue in Lanarkshire , Scotland The site has been recently refurbished to offer the customer all of the facilities they will need for a great day of paintball. Set in the Lanarkshire woodland of Scotland, this site uses many of the natural features of the terrain to construct the mot exciting paintball fields that Scotland has to offer. The site is easily accessible from any location in Lanarkshire an offers great transport links if you are coming from any other location in Scotland to play paintball.

Lancashire's best paintballing venues

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  • Paintballing Lancashire: Edinburgh Venue
    West Benhar Road, Eastfield, Lanarkshire, ML7 5TG.
  • Paintballing Lancashire: Glasgow Venue
    West Benhar Road, Shotts, Eastfield, Lanarkshire, ML7 5TG.

Game Zone Info

For more details on each of the specific venues please click the links below.

  • Edinburgh's best Game Zone
    Paintball in Lanarkshire got upgraded when a full sized helicopter landed in the centre of this paintball field. Players get the opportunity to play in and around the chopper with the express directive of recovering the pilot. Armed with your paintball marker you must rush to the Scotland crash site and EVAC the downed pilot. Paintballs will be flying in all directions as you storm in to help your downed comrade.
  • Glasgow's best Game Zone
    Scotlands paintball scene went huge when this site was set up on an old explosives factory. The buildings within the complex are an exciting landscape for some hardcore paintballing. Your squad must protect you demolitions expert from the onslaught and get him in to deliver the charges!