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The closest Paintball venue to Burnley is located either near Preston, or Bolton. Both venue's are extremely popular paintball arenas, with some truly outstanding game zones, which our paintballers love. At Preston the Dracula game scenario is a great unique twist on a classic paintball game zone. The game is completely symmetrical, so neither team has an advantage over the other. It is entirely down to each sides paintball tactics. Or perhaps the Octopus game zone is more your taste. A central complex stretches out across the whole arena, almost like legs of an octopus. This creates some truly awesome paintball battles. 

Alternately, our paintballers rave about the Over the Hill scenario at the Bolton venue. A really tricky to master game zones, where you need to keep your wits about you to ensure the enemy aren't creeping up on you. This is one not to be missed. If your looking to paintball in Burnley, don't miss out and see the list below for your options. 

Paintball Burnley

Paintballing Near Burnley


1. Paintball Bolton / Manchester / Warrington

17.4 Miles from Burnley
Paintball Bolton | Paintball Lancashire

With easy access from Bolton, Wigan and less 20 minutes from Manchester this is the closest and best outdoor paintball park that Manchester has to offer. The site is located just off the M60 easily accessible for ... Read More

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2. Paintball Bradford

20.7 Miles from Burnley
Paintball Bradford | Paintball West Yorkshire

Come and join us at this superb Bradford paintball venue and experience the fun and thrill of woodland combat. Our paintball Bradford park provides the perfect setting for all players that want to have a... Read More

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3. Paintball Preston / Southport

21.6 Miles from Burnley
Paintball Preston | Paintball Lancashire

Located within easy reach of Preston city centre, this paintballing venue is perfect for all paintball groups looking to play in the Lancashire area. It is also popular with paintball groups from Blackpool and other towns such as... Read More

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4. Paintball Manchester - Eccles

21.9 Miles from Burnley
Paintball Manchester - Eccles | Paintball Lancashire

Paintball Manchester Eccles is ideally situated for any customer travelling from the Manchester, Lancashire or Cheshire areas. Escape from the city into a luscious woodland. Where the natural terrain provides some great scenarios... Read More

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