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The Elsham Paintball site in undoubtedly one of North Lincolnshire's most action packed days out. With several different game zones, and plenty of different types of games, you cannot go wrong. Which of your friends do you think would make the best Paintball teammates? Who is the natural leader, who will bring home victory? Who is the best shot with a paintball gun? Will they be able to eliminate all the opposition before being spotted. And finally who will always have your back as you storm through the game zones! 

One of the Elsham Paintball's most popular games is the classic Team Deathmatch! A simple game, Team vs Team, last team with members remaining wins. There are many different paintball tactics you can use to achieve victory in this game, which will work for you? 


Paintball Elsham

Paintballing Near Elsham


1. Paintball Scunthorpe

1.0 Miles from Elsham
Paintball Scunthorpe | Paintball Lincolnshire

Situated just off the A180, in a fantastic woodland setting, the Paintball site is ideally located for players travelling from Scunthorpe, Hull or Grimsby. Paintball is the perfect activity for all events, and our marshals are... Read More

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2. Paintball Lincoln

25.5 Miles from Elsham
Paintball Lincoln | Paintball Lincolnshire

The Lincoln Paintball venue is located right in the heart of Lincolnshire and only 5 minutes away from Lincoln city centre. With 50 acres of woodland to play paintball it’s no wonder that this venue also hosts some of the UK’s... Read More

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3. Paintball Nottingham

35.1 Miles from Elsham
Paintball Nottingham | Paintball Nottinghamshire

Our Nottingham Paintball site has 10 exhilarating terrains for parties of all abilities. This venue has some of the best paintballing facilities in Nottinghamshire, with huge areas of woodland to hide in and an actual army tank on... Read More

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4. Paintball Leeds

42.1 Miles from Elsham
Paintball Leeds | Paintball South Yorkshire

Our Leeds Paintball park has a 5-star reputation as one of the leading paintball sites in the UK. The site is located 5 minutes from junction 45 of the M1, making it easily accessible for paintball from Leeds, York and south... Read More

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5. Paintball Wakefield

45.4 Miles from Elsham
Paintball Wakefield | Paintball South Yorkshire

Nestled in deep woodland, our Paintball Wakefield Park is perfect for all players who want to experience some serious paintballing fun and adventure. The venue is located just off the M1 near junction 38 and is within easy... Read More

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