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Greenock is located by the mouth of the River Clyde, just South of Loch Long and Gare Loch. It's home to Lyle Hill, a spectacular viewpoint with great panoramic views and plenty of photo opportunities. Definitely a must see if you are visiting the area. If you fancy a more action packed experience, then paintball might be right up your street. Our team based element means you and your friends can work together to bring home victory for your team, and all celebrate in the success. 

Try our Tomb Raider game zone, where you feel like a real life treasure hunt, scouring the ruins for ancient artefacts and fighting off the evil bad guys! Relive your favourite adventure movies, and delve in the action here at UKPaintball Glasgow West. 

Paintball Greenock

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1. Paintball Glasgow West

11.8 Miles from Greenock
Paintball Glasgow West | Paintball Renfrewshire

Just a 20 minute drive outside the city centre lies one of the most action packed arenas in the whole of Scotland. Equip yourself with a semi-automatic paintball marker, load up your hoppers with plenty of paintballs, put on your... Read More

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2. Paintball Kilmarnock

28.9 Miles from Greenock
Paintball Kilmarnock | Paintball Ayrshire

Our awesome Kilmarnock paintball venue, located in Galston, is the place to play if you want a superb day full of action and combat. This Kilmarnock paintballing park has a real variety for all players with a massive 30 acres of... Read More

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