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Paintball Dundee | Paintball Perthshire

Dundee's Premier Venue

Burnhead Farm, Auchterhouse, By Dundee, Perthshire, DD3 0QN.

Please note this venue is now closed.

Please see our Edinburgh Queensferry, Glasgow East and Glasgow West locations.

Paintballing at the Dundee venue will give you a thrilling and awesome day out.

Conveniently located for all groups coming from the Dundee, Montrose and Aberdeen areas it offers a superb woodland setting to step out onto the battlefields. The paintball Dundee park has some truly great game arenas that are all specifically designed to offer a fun and exhilarating experience. 

Seen as one of the best paintball sites in Scotland it has vast woodland, combined with mock fortresses and even a church incorporated into one of the game zones. This site has a variety of superb game zones including: Pirates of the Caribbean, Capture the flag, Tank Attack, Convoy and Last Man Standing. 

Outwitting the enemy team is not easy at the Dundee paintball centre so be prepared to use all your skills as you work through the different missions. Whilst on site you will be given varying objectives across the game maps as you attempt to use the natural woodland and structures as cover.

Paintball Dundee is an absolute must and is perfect for your stag or hen weekend, birthday celebration or for a work outing with a difference.

  • Car Parking available

  • Toilets

  • Nearest train station:
    9 miles away

  • 24 hour money back guarantee

At a Glance:

  • 100 paintballs £10.00
  • Arrival Time 11:00
  • Finish time 15:00
  • Minimum age
Address: Burnhead Farm, Auchterhouse, By Dundee, Perthshire, DD3 0QN.
Sat Nav Coordinates: N 56° 31' 49" W 3° 6' 1"

Game Zones

Pirates of the Caribbean

Blast your way into one of the most iconic movie scenes, the paintball Dundee pirates are raiding and looting the lands, either join them or stop them. Whichever path you choose be sure to ready yourself for a fight. This is where leaders are formed and true character will show, pirates are not to be messed with after all. Cover is key in this game, make sure that you know the path you will take to storm the area, stick your your team and keep your wits up and you will be unstoppable.

Capture the flag

Painball's oldest and toughest challenge. The ultimate test of teamwork and bravery. Two teams, two goals, get the enemies flag and make sure your keep yours. Make sure you know who is doing what in your paintball Dundee task force. You need defenders and attackers. Both stealth and heavy fire can prove crucial. And make sure you know where the enemy is without them knowing where you are.

Tank Attack

Deep into the Paintball Dundee forest your team has been stranded. They were making their way back to base when an enemy tank found them and blocked their progress. Now they are stuck with tank shells raining down on them, they won't last much longer unless you do something. Word is the enemy are sending reinforcements. You need to rescue your team and ensure their safety before the enemy arrives or they won't last much longer.


While transporting valuable supplies to a nearby town, your convoy has been attacked by a highly equipped group of Paintball Dundee bandits. This is no random attack, they have planned it well and all looks lost for your convoy. Can you hold off the bandits long enough for back up to arrive? Make sure to find a good place with lots of cover as you don't want to be caught in the crossfire.