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Livingston is based in the middle of two of our premier parks, UKPaintball Queensferry and UKPaintball Shotts. The Paintball Shotts venue is housed on an old army base, so there is a realistic feel to the site, and we have been able to adapt the buildings and terrain to form some great game scenarios and give you a great experience. Each site offers a range of paintballs and grenades and we would certainly recommend the smoke grenades, and they are certainly a lot of fun! 

With our Full Day paintball sessions we usually get through somewhere between 8 and 12 games in the session, so you get plenty of chance to shoot your mates. With the Half Day's you get around 4-6 paintball games, so you get a good taster of some paintball scenarios. 

Paintball Livingston

Paintballing Near Livingston


1. Paintball Edinburgh / Edinburgh Queensferry

6.8 Miles from Livingston
Paintball Edinburgh | Paintball Lanarkshire

The Edinburgh paintball venue provides the ideal setting for some serious paintball action for those who want a proper paintball rush! Located a short bus or taxi journey from Edinburgh city centre, it is... Read More

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2. Paintball Glasgow East / Edinburgh Shotts

11.4 Miles from Livingston
Paintball Glasgow East | Paintball Lanarkshire

This Glasgow paintball venue based just 25 minutes from the City centre is Scotland’s premier paintball park servicing both Glasgow and Edinburgh City. With a capacity of up to 300 players this venue is probably our largest park... Read More

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3. Paintball Glasgow West

38.0 Miles from Livingston
Paintball Glasgow West | Paintball Renfrewshire

Just a 20 minute drive outside the city centre lies one of the most action packed arenas in the whole of Scotland. Equip yourself with a semi-automatic paintball marker, load up your hoppers with plenty of paintballs, put on your... Read More

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4. Paintball Kilmarnock

39.0 Miles from Livingston
Paintball Kilmarnock | Paintball Ayrshire

Our awesome Kilmarnock paintball venue, located in Galston, is the place to play if you want a superb day full of action and combat. This Kilmarnock paintballing park has a real variety for all players with a massive 30 acres of... Read More

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