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The closest paintball site to Wisbech is located just down the A1101, near Three Holes. The site is located in a glorious piece of woodland, which we have adapted to form several different game zones. For example, you may find yourself taking on the Abandoned Village game zone, where you enemy lies in hiding, waiting for a chance to ambush you. You and your paintball team must work your way through the village being sure to keep your wits about you, and your eyes sharp for any signs of movement. 

Or, you may find yourself trying to sniff out a traitor. One of your team has gone rogue, and is working for the enemies. You must work out who it is and stop their evil plan, before repelling the enemies advances, and making sure your team make it through the battle. 

Paintball Wisbech

Paintballing Near Wisbech


1. Paintball Kings Lynn

6.7 Miles from Wisbech
Paintball Kings Lynn | Paintball Norfolk

The Kings Lynn paintball venue, situated in dense woodland, is just 20 minutes from Kings Lynn town centre and has some of the best facilities in East Anglia. Players travel from all over the area to take advantage of... Read More

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2. Paintball Thetford

32.7 Miles from Wisbech
Paintball Thetford | Paintball Norfolk

Our Thetford Paintball site is centrally located in the heart of East Anglia. Based in Thetford Forest, it is within easy reach of Norwich and Suffolk. The surrounding dense woodland is used for military training, making it the... Read More

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3. Paintball Cambridge

42.0 Miles from Wisbech
Paintball Cambridge | Paintball Cambridgeshire

Our Paintball Cambridge site has challenging scenarios for players of all abilities. The paintball venue is located just outside of Cambridge city centre, making it easily accessible from outer Cambridgeshire and East Anglia.... Read More

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4. Paintball Northampton

45.2 Miles from Wisbech
Paintball Northampton | Paintball Northamptonshire

This premier venue is located deep in the heart of the Midlands and is one of our most established paintballing sites. Located close to Northampton town centre, Paintball Northampton offers a top paintballing experience for... Read More

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5. Paintball Lincoln

55.9 Miles from Wisbech
Paintball Lincoln | Paintball Lincolnshire

The Lincoln Paintball venue is located right in the heart of Lincolnshire and only 5 minutes away from Lincoln city centre. With 50 acres of woodland to play paintball it’s no wonder that this venue also hosts some of the UK’s... Read More

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6. Paintball Leicester / Coventry

58.7 Miles from Wisbech
Paintball Leicester | Paintball Leicestershire

The Leicester paintball park is located minutes from the M1 Motorway and is easily accessible from Leicester city centre and all other parts of Leicestershire. This venue is situated in dense woodland and gives you a real sense of... Read More

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7. Paintball Nottingham

59.8 Miles from Wisbech
Paintball Nottingham | Paintball Nottinghamshire

Our Nottingham Paintball site has 10 exhilarating terrains for parties of all abilities. This venue has some of the best paintballing facilities in Nottinghamshire, with huge areas of woodland to hide in and an actual army tank on... Read More

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