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If you are located on the North side of Manchester, whether in Bury of the surrounding areas, there is really only one choice when it comes to paintball. The closest venue to paintball near Bury is located in Ringley Woods, near Bolton. This is easily accessible from Bury and has some great facilities. Try and conquer the dreaded hill scenario, where natural terrain provides some great hiding spots and vantage points. Both teams start at the bottom of a hill, one of either side. You must work together to work up the hill and claim the base at the top, but beware of the enemy, as they have een tasked with the same thing. 

The closest paintball venue to Bury also has a highly discount rate on paintballs, with prices starting at just £6.00 per 100. There is also a free hot lunch thrown in for Full Day players as well. What are you waiting for? If you are looking to paintball in the Bury area, please see below for the list of venues: Paintball Bolton is the closest venue. 

Paintball Bury

Paintballing Near Bury


1. Paintball Bolton / Manchester / Warrington

3.9 Miles from Bury
Paintball Bolton | Paintball Lancashire

With easy access from Bolton, Wigan and less 20 minutes from Manchester this is the closest and best outdoor paintball park that Manchester has to offer. The site is located just off the M60 easily accessible for ... Read More

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2. Paintball Manchester - Eccles

8.5 Miles from Bury
Paintball Manchester - Eccles | Paintball Lancashire

Paintball Manchester Eccles is ideally situated for any customer travelling from the Manchester, Lancashire or Cheshire areas. Escape from the city into a luscious woodland. Where the natural terrain provides some great scenarios... Read More

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3. Paintball Preston / Southport

20.0 Miles from Bury
Paintball Preston | Paintball Lancashire

Located within easy reach of Preston city centre, this paintballing venue is perfect for all paintball groups looking to play in the Lancashire area. It is also popular with paintball groups from Blackpool and other towns such as... Read More

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