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Kingston is a busy town in the South West side of London. It is home to Richmond Park, Kingston Bridge and Ham House and Garden. It has great transport links into and out of London, so you can easily get into the centre of London or escape to the countryside. In the countryside you can try your hand at paintball. It's a team game, where each of our game scenarios has a different objective. There are two teams in each game, and both teams will be battling for the objective until one wins! 

If you are new to the sport, each player will be taken through a safety briefing by our friendly paintball marshals. This is done at the start of the day, and will explain everything you need to know for the day. Our marshals will remain with you throughout the day incase anybody needs any assistance, 

Paintball Kingston

Paintballing Near Kingston


1. Paintball South London

12.1 Miles from Kingston
Paintball South London | Paintball Surrey

Our South London paintball venue is the closest outdoor paintball park to central London and has been operating for nearly 20 years. This mature paintball park, set in 50 acres of prime Surrey woodland offers some of the best... Read More

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2. Paintball Basingstoke / Guildford / Woking

14.9 Miles from Kingston
Paintball Basingstoke | Paintball Hampshire

The Basingstoke paintball venue, situated in dense Hampshire woodland, is just off the M3,  just 20 minutes from Basingstoke town centre and has some of the best facilities in the South. Players travel from all... Read More

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3. Paintball Sidcup

18.4 Miles from Kingston
Paintball Sidcup | Paintball Kent

The Sidcup Paintball Venue is an exceptional venue located in over 40 acres and is conveniently situated just off the A20 near Bromley. This Paintball Venue is popular with all groups in and around the Kent area ranging from Stag... Read More

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