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In 2017, Sale was voted the fourth best place to live in England. With people describing positive such as, Excellent Schools, a Great Community Feel, and Plenty of Things To Do! If you are searching for things to do, one of the most exciting days out has to be Paintball. Paintball near Sale is home to some truly excellent paintball sites, with top of the range equipment, and fantastic safety standards. We aim to provide a fun and safe experience for all players, so that everyone leaves with a smile on their face, and great memories of Paintball. 

Being able to cater to players as young as 10 years old, gives a wide range of paintball sessions available. We offer several sessions depending on what type of day you were after. Our most popular session is the Full Day Paintball session, as players get plenty of different paintball games, and some venues even offer a hot lunch as well! 

Paintball Sale

Paintballing Near Sale


1. Paintball Manchester - Eccles

5.3 Miles from Sale
Paintball Manchester - Eccles | Paintball Lancashire

Paintball Manchester Eccles is ideally situated for any customer travelling from the Manchester, Lancashire or Cheshire areas. Escape from the city into a luscious woodland. Where the natural terrain provides some great scenarios... Read More

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2. Paintball Warrington / Manchester / Bolton

8.3 Miles from Sale
Paintball Warrington | Paintball Cheshire

This is simply one of our most popular paintball parks. With easy access from nearby Manchester and just minutes from the M60, players travel across the county to play at Paintball Warrington/Manchester.  Let... Read More

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3. Paintball Manchester Indoor

10.4 Miles from Sale
Paintball Manchester Indoor | Paintball Lancashire

One of the UK's only Indoor Paintball Venues! If you have never tried indoor paintball, you cannot miss out. While Paintball is usually an outdoor sport, with most venue choosing a woodland setting. The Manchester Paintball venue... Read More

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4. Paintball Macclesfield

16.2 Miles from Sale
Paintball Macclesfield | Paintball Cheshire

The Macclesfield paintball venue, situated in superb woodland scenery, is just 20 minutes south of Macclesfield centre, just north of Congleton and has some of the best facilities in the Cheshire area. Players travel from all over... Read More

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