UK Paintball | Clown Hunt

Clown Hunt

World's first Paintball Clown Hunt has arrived at UKPaintball.

Camo up, gun up and get ready for some serious clown shooting fun.

The recent clown craze has taken the world by storm and it seems there is growing demand for revenge on these killer creatures.  

We at UKPaintball have been piloting a new experience where customers get to hunt down and unleash their rounds on these hapless clowns.   The testing has been fun, scary and at times damn right crazy, but hey it's our job!

For Halloween we're set to open our doors to the public at a venue yet to be revealed to experience our very first Killer Clown hunt.    We're currently offering Clowns the chance to come in for FREE (as long as they don't mind be hunted down).  So if your planning on dressing up as a clown and thinking of loitering in your local town scaring old folk then seriously, its time to man up and get down to UKPaintball.

If you have what it takes to track down and destroy our killer clowns then email us at