UK Paintball | Fun Activities in London for Adults: Reasons to Paintball This Weekend

Fun Activities in London for Adults: Reasons to Paintball This Weekend

Are you in London and wondering what to do? It can feel like once you’ve exhausted the clubs, bars, cinemas and cultural hotspots that there’s little else to do, but have you ever tried paintball? Find out why you should give paintball a try this weekend.

For a Group of Mates: The Perfect Bonding Experience

Whether you decide to pit the guys against the girls or opt to make a day of it with your buddies, paintball is a perfect fun activity in London for adults.

Because of the need to communicate to work out the most effective strategy to win, paintball will only strengthen your friendships with your mates — as long as they’re on the same team. And if they’re not? Aren’t the best friendships built on a friendly rivalry and willingness to take flak for, well, just about anything? Even if you only play paintball this weekend and never again — even though we think you won’t be able to stay away — it’ll give you plenty of fun to look back on.

For Parents: A Great Day to Spend with Your Kids

It’s been a beautiful week and the weather is only going to get better, so you don’t want to waste it being stuck in the house all day with the kids. Your only issue is that they’ve got that new game they want to play, so they want to stay in. If this sounds familiar, you’d be surprised how effective a game of paintball is for getting your kids out of the house. Paintball is a fantastic way for you to spend time and bond with your kids, and they’ll get a lot out of it too. In many ways, a game of paintball is just like entering a virtual battlefield and unloading fire on your enemies. You’ll get kitted up in camo, grab your gun and then you’re ready to go. Whether your kids prefer to go in all guns blazing or camp near the sidelines, how they play the game is down to them. Plus, there are some decent health and wellness benefits of paintball for kids, including improved communication and, of course, the workout they’ll get from sprinting their way around the park!

The sport is non-contact and all players are supervised at all times. We’ll provide all the protective gear you and your kids need so that you can focus on the most important thing — having fun!

For Stags: A Memorable Event, Plus a Banana Suit…

If you’re in London, looking for a fun activity for adults and you or a mate are getting married, this one’s for you. Our stag do games are a great way to put a unique spin on the age-old tradition. But don’t say we didn’t warn you. At UK Paintball, our “Stag Hunt” game includes the optional extra of a banana suit, which comes free of charge for full-day parties of 10 or more and half-day parties of 12 or more — sorry stags, but there’s no getting out of this one. You’ll literally be the centre of attention as you attempt to dodge your way around a battlefield in a bright yellow, banana-shaped suit. We have no doubt your mates will love it, and even though you’ll be the main target, we’re confident you’ll secretly enjoy it too.

If nothing else, it’s the ideal warm-up for a night out full of beer, banter and good company.

Looking for a fun activity in London for adults? We have multiple venues in the city, so it doesn’t matter where you are — it’s easy to enjoy paintball in London.  Book today or get in touch if you have any questions.