UK Paintball | Paintball Health Benefits : The Fitness Benefits of Paintball for Kids

Paintball Health Benefits : The Fitness Benefits of Paintball for Kids

When it comes to raising our children, there’s probably something we all wish, as parents, we could encourage children to do more of, such as to get more exercise or tear themselves away from the allure of the console or mobile phone for just a couple of hours. If you’re looking for an activity that will excite your kids and provide them with genuine health benefits, look no further than paintball. Paintball is often reserved for birthday parties and special occasions, and — there’s no doubt about it — it’s fun, but what exactly are the health benefits of paintball for kids ?                             

A Full-Body Workout — Without Them Even Realising It

Paintball is a physically demanding activity. During a game, your child will have to use a range of movements, from ducking and crawling to sprinting, all of which will keep them active. If that isn’t enough to increase the heart rate, there’s also the pure thrill and adrenaline of running around an immersive battlefield and looking for the next opportunity to snipe a faraway rival or shoot an “enemy” up close.

With obesity among children increasing and, more concerning, evidence that suggests overweight children struggle to lead healthier lives as an adult as a result, we need to encourage our kids to exercise as much as they can. Paintball has clear health benefits, but, like all good exercise, it’s more effective exactly because it doesn’t feel like it.


Improves Dexterity and Hand-to-Eye Coordination

Paintball, whether for kids or adults, is a game that requires precision. Fast reflexes are vital to nail the winning shot. Research shows that video games can actually benefit kids by improving hand-to-eye coordination. Whether your child likes playing Call of Duty or Fortnite, there is something to be said for the seemingly impossibly rapid reflexes they display as they see the tiniest movement out of the corner of their eye or the smallest red blip on their map. But what if there was a way kids could utilise those skills — and develop them — in a real-life environment? At UK Paintball, your kids can. Fast reactions may not seem crucial in day-to-day life, but the ability to think and react quickly is a vital skill in life, and what better way to encourage your children to use those than with a fun game of paintball for kids?


The Emotional and Mental Health Benefits of Paintball

With obesity among children a growing concern, it’s understandable that many parents focus on the physical health of their kids. But in today’s culture, mental health has never been so important. It might not look like it from the surface, but paintball provides a host of mental health benefits and helps kids develop key soft skills.

It’s been proven that outdoor activity and exercise in general is a healthy outlet for aggression. Even as adults, we might often resort to a brisk walk or an intense session at the gym to channel our frustrations into something positive. Kids face a number of trying circumstances as they grow up, and there’s a reason why our teenage years — a time when we start taking responsibility and learning the consequences of our actions; when we experience rejection and even heartache — are considered the formative years of our lives. And like adults, kids need that same outlet.

Paintball for kids is an effective way of channelling those feelings into something that not only provides a great workout but is also plain good fun. And not only that, but paintball is an activity that requires communication and team effort. In order to win, your child will need to use their judgment to determine who has the best skill sets and effectively communicate with their peers to determine the best strategy. It’s a fantastic opportunity for your child to develop these core skills that, unlike algebra, they’ll use every day throughout their entire adult life. Your child will need to use empathy to see the situation from another's point of view and listen carefully and attentively, which, perhaps ironically, may help them better deal with the situations that cause them to feel frustrated in the first place.

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