UK Paintball | Paintballing - how much does it cost?

Paintballing - how much does it cost?

How much does Paintballing cost?

This is a question that we regularly hear and whilst it can be a difficult one to answer, we try to give our customers an average figure as the actual cost would be made up depending on how trigger happy or not you get.  Or possibly how well you do.  For example a player who wishes to have a more attacking style of play will almost certainly use more than a player, who goes with a more defensive style of play, sniping in the bushes tucked just behind their base camp flag.   Or a player that gets shot out earlier on every game may not use as much as the player who makes it to the end of every game.  Whilst we cant take these factors  into account for you, what we can mention is that the average usage in a full day play is approximately 600 paintballs.  A half day paintball usage would be in the average range of 300 - 400 paintballs per player.

Most of our centres charge between £7 to £8 per 100 paintballs with many offering discounts if you purchase 500 or more at a time which can bring the price down to as low as £5 per 100 at some of our centres.

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Adult Full day paintball cost

The costs that are fixed, are the Admission fees.   So for a full day you will pay £14.99 with full admission, equipment rental, games, lunch at some centres, 8-10 games, full training, marshals to host your event and 100 Paintballs each.  If you then used a further 500 paintballs these would cost an additional £30 - £35 depending on the centre you go to.   So total full day cost waverage would be in the range of £44.99 - £49.99 per person.  A full day also runs for approximately 6.5 hours so the hourly cost comes in at around £7 per hour which we think is exceptional value for such an exciting forest experience.    

Adult Half day paintball cost

The cost for a paintball half day would be the fixed Admission price of £9.99 plus any paintballs you use on the day.  Although no paintballs are included with the half day you will mostly likely require around 300 -400 paintballs each bringing the total costing to approximately £30.99 - £37.99.

Junior Paintballing costs

For junior players between the ages of 11-15 we offer a half day session which is made up of £8.99 for Admission, including equipment rental, full training and on field supervision and then a reduced payment on the day of £21 for 400 paintballs each.     The 400 paintballs will last the morning or afternoon session and is also perfect for birthday parties as the parent know exactly what the total cost is upfront.  So for a birthday party of 5 children, a budget of just under £150 will give the kids an epic paintball session with everything included whilst at an affordable price.

Kids under the age of 11?

For ages 11 and below we recommed you visit website who specialise in this age group with low impact paintball and laser tag options. 

Fun Extras

For those that wish to make the day as exciting as possible, grenades and thunder flashes are available at most of our centres so bear in mind these will add to your costs if you choose to use them.  Only available to ages 18+


To summarise, 'how much does paintballing cost ?'  For adult players we would advise that a half day will cost approximately £35 per player and £50 for a full day's paintballing.  For Juniors or those aged 11-15 just under £30 each.